Parent & Family Guides


I began working with CollegiateParent (CP) in Spring 2019, designing and laying out Parent & Family Guides for US colleges. CP works in partnership with schools to communicate with parents of students. For these guides, schools provide most of the content, and CP sells ads to offset the total print cost.

Design Considerations

Guides are generally 40 pages, and the base template is very basic, allowing for a great deal of customization to match the branding of the target school. Content is pulled from a Word doc, and I must consider total page count, column breaks, high exposure ad placement, and photo choice while laying out. I work with the project managers and school staff through ProofHQ to make edits. The first draft typically takes me around 6 hours to lay out. Some guides also have alternate languages (Spanish, and once Mandarin!).

  • Colorado College

  • Florida State University

  • Missouri State University

  • Pepperdine University

  • Sam Houston State University

  • University of Arkansas

  • University of California – San Diego

  • University of California – Merced

  • University of Central Oklahoma

  • University of South Florida

  • University of Southern Indiana

  • University of the Pacific

  • Vanguard University

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